Academic Confidence

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Academic Mentorship is much more than passing a test or completing an assignment. Trilogy's Mentors are positive role models that work with your students to build confidence, accountability, and independence inside and outside of the classroom.

Academic Mentors - Teaching Good Habits

At Trilogy, we use the term “Academic Mentor” (not tutor) because the mentors in our community go beyond just helping kids complete their homework.

Teaching students good habits like time management, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and tenacity is just as important as knowing that 2+2=4. Helping students develop strategies for working through challenges, inside and outside of the classroom, will give them the tools they need to tackle whatever comes their way; it will also help them to become “the driver of their own bus,” as they take ownership of their learning and their schedules.

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Role Models for Students

Mentors are positive role models for students. Children and teens watch and listen to what their role models say and do, and use that as a baseline for how to interact with the people around them. Using positive language and talking to students about good or better choices (in regards to behavior, schoolwork, communication, etc.) shows them that there are options when it comes to how they respond to what’s going on around them. Students often take things personally; helping them understand that one bad choice or mistake doesn’t define who they are or what they do in the future provides students with the confidence they need to tackle future challenges.

Trilogy hand selects passionate and qualified mentors that are positive role models for your students. Having support from you and their mentors will help your student establish good habits, build confidence, and achieve their goals.