Beyond Homework Help

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Continued practice and review are the only ways to improve and master a new skill. Beyond homework, helping students revisit content areas and putting in extra time to practice can build their knowledge and teach them tenacity.

Encourage Students to Practice and Review

Helping students understand why and how to practice is just as (if not more) important as simply completing a homework assignment. Kids of all ages look around at athletes, celebrities, family members, and even other students in their class and often think to themselves, “They are just smarter than me” or “They were born more talented than me.” Kids typically see the end product but they don’t always see all the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes. In addition, we live in a time where kids have become accustom to instant results. It’s important to help them understand that the greatest discoveries, achievements, and inventions take time and come about via tenacity. Parents and mentors should speak with their students about how people who keep practicing their craft until they achieve success also keep setting new goals to always continue learning and improving.

“One rain does not make a crop.”

– Creole

Sometimes, just helping students understand that they’re not the only ones who need to practice, may make all the difference.

Practice and Hard Work - Talk to Your Child

Try starting a discussion with your student:

  • Make this topic relatable by sharing your own experience.

  • Talk about something you accomplished by investing the time and energy into practicing.

  • Try talking about the value of practice and goal setting by relating it to their interests - bring in their role models or a popular public figure to keep them engaged.

  • Start a discussion by asking them how they think their idol got to where they are today.

  • Help them figure out what they want, or need, to accomplish by investing time to practice.

  • Set a goal, and think together on how they need to practice to reach that goal.

  • Encourage them to set a timeline and consider a schedule - when & how often they need to practice to accomplish their goal within that specified timeframe.

Building these types of habits can leads to academic success, confidence, accountability, and more.