My Mentor Series: Meet Sabatino C.

“My Mentor…” posts are short pieces written by members of the Trilogy community to highlight their passion and the mentors that had an impact in their lives. This post is written by Sabatino C.

Planning for Success - Create Your Own Luck

How to guide your student towards success and achievement. Structuring good habits, providing support, and working hard to reach goals and prepare for future opportunities. How to create your own luck!

How to Assess My Student’s Performance and Provide Support

Tracking progress, knowing when to intervene, and communicating with your child’s teacher about their academic performance can be overwhelming. We’ve got tips, strategies, and questions to ask yourself, your child, and your child’s teacher to make the process more manageable and effective for everyone.

What is an Academic Mentor and How Do They Differ From a Tutor?

Academic Mentorship is more than a grade - it’s about the relationship and the growth that comes from having someone to support, encourage, and inspire you. Not everyone needs a tutor, but everyone can benefit from having a mentor!

What Does Success Mean? Re-defining What Success Looks Like With Students

What does success mean to you? We encourage parents and mentors to talk about what success means with students and help them define it for themselves. There is no “one size fits all”.

Goal Setting: Get at Those Goals!

Setting goals is an important part of life. We set goals to help us get where we want to be academically, physically, and mentally. Here are a few tips to set meaningful goals that’ll help you improve and reach success.