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What is academic mentorship and how does it compare to tutoring?

While tutors tend to focus on one specific subject, academic mentors help students see all of the essential building blocks and how they fit together to achieve academic success. Mentors do provide subject specific academic support, but they also help students with planning, organizing, and goal setting, so that students can identify their own unique strategies towards personal and academic growth.
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Does Trilogy offer in-person academic mentorship?

We’ll say yes and no to this one, and here’s why…
Although mentors are not physically in the same room with their students, the Trilogy online platform provides “face-to-face” interactions using a live video chat component in the virtual classroom. It’s like a virtual Skype classroom led by your child’s personal academic mentor. 
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Now that being said, every student has individual needs and abilities, learning preferences, and challenges with certain academic subjects. Many students also participate in extracurricular activities or simply would prefer to spend time with their friends and in-person tutoring can become challenging to organize and fit into any family’s busy schedule.
Online learning is the ability to provide and receive educational instruction anywhere, anytime from your computer and gives students access to instructors and specialists from all over the country.
In the case of Trilogy Mentors, our mentors are fully vetted and ready to help your child with everything from science and Spanish to math and Mandarin - all from the comfort of home.


What are Trilogy’s rates for online academic mentoring?

Our per session rates for academic mentoring are competitive with in-person tutoring and online tutoring services. Your student's grade level and the level of the subject matter requested play a role in the per session cost. We offer bundled session packages starting at 4 sessions. We use a package model because we have seen the impact that continued practice and review has on a student's growth and improvement. Recurring sessions also help build the mentoring relationship.

We would love to talk to you about how we can support your student and provide you with pricing and bundles based on your needs. Visit our pricing page for more info and to request a pricing outline. We’ll send you our price sheet with no obligation to sign-up.


Who are Trilogy’s mentors?

Our mentors are:
- Current and retired teachers, instructors, and specialists
- Professional tutors & content experts
- Undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in education and/or content specific fields

All with prior experience, a passion for education, and the desire to help students discover academic confidence and achieve their goals. All mentors hold or are currently pursuing a degree, coming from over 65 universities across the United States. Prior to working online with Trilogy Mentors, each mentor must make it through our multi-tiered application and interview process, as well as clear a background check. Our next FAQ covers our mentor screening and evaluation process.

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How does Trilogy screen and evaluate mentors?

We're glad you asked!
Our rigorous, multi-tiered application and interview process ensures that only the most passionate and qualified instructors work with your students. We are selective in who our mentors are and assess each applicant based on various criteria. Less than 10% of all applicants make it through this process.

1. Application review - Mentor candidates submit their resume and create an applicant profile outlining their expertise and experience. We review this information to see if the candidate aligns with the basic qualities and qualifications we’re looking for in our mentors.

2. Phone interview - This conversation helps us get to know the candidate further. We assess their professionalism, demeanor, and tone; evaluate alignment with Trilogy's values; and confirm their experience.

3. Virtual classroom interview - Our 1-hour virtual interview dives deeper into each candidate’s abilities and perspectives on instruction. We evaluate their content knowledge; their ability to instruct; and get to know them on a personal level to aid in our relationship-based matching.

4. Background check - Before a mentor is hired to work with Trilogy, they must clear a background check. We do this to ensure the safety of every student.

We also have a number of checks in place to ensure continued quality.

1. Student feedback & reviews - We encourage students to leave reviews and feedback after each session has been completed. This feedback gives Trilogy insight into the overall experience of the student throughout the duration of their academic mentorship.

2. Check-ins with parents - Feedback from parents about their overall experience helps us ensure the quality of ongoing mentorships. Our Mentor Match Guarantee makes certain the mentorship is helping the student progress in the right direction.

3. Resources & support - Trilogy works closely with mentors, providing them with resources and continued feedback to help them improve on their instruction and strategy.


Does Trilogy offer online academic mentoring programs to educational institutions and/or organizations?

We sure do!

We offer:
- Program packages to help institutions and organizations provide individual support to students.
- Licensing opportunities to help organizations extend the reach and accessibility of existing programs.

Trilogy works with organizations to assess their needs and launch customized programs and services.
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