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Are you running an institution, business, or nonprofit
with in-person student support services?

Have you considered adding an online component to your existing in-person student services and tutoring programs? 

Increase your reach, accessibility, and efficiency by implementing an easy-to-use management system with an interactive online classroom.

Now, consider doing this without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and without dedicating half a year or more to developing and building the technology from scratch.

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Licensing Trilogy Mentors’ Online Learning Platform Offers:

  • The means to significantly decrease the overhead costs associated with in-person student support

  • A secure online learning environment that complies with the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act - COPPA

  • Data and insights to optimize growth and operations

  • Video archives of sessions - accessible to parents, students, and administrators to ensure session quality

  • Increased accessibility and convenience to your clients

  • The ability to engage students with a platform that they connect with and relate to as digital natives, as well as the opportunity to get the support they need at a time and place that works best for them

  • An easy-to-use, online operations and logistics management system

  • Increased engagement and retention among clients

  • The means to increase your revenues by optimizing the efficiency of your operations

Leverage the investments you’ve made in your institution’s student support programming and the investments you’ve made in your business!

Set up an online platform demonstration to explore the possibilities in implementing online tools to grow your services.