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Our Story

A Letter from Trilogy’s CEO

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My struggles as a student began in middle and high school. I loved sports and began to play lacrosse competitively. As I got older, my schedule became more intense with training, practice, and other extracurricular activities. My lack of organization started to impact my grades and this began to cause some tension at home in regards to homework and studying. This didn't just weigh on me, but on my parents as well - especially my mom. 
In her search for a tutor, which took much trial and error, my mom eventually found me someone that I truly connected with and looked up to. Although called a tutor at the time, I looked back on that experience - beginning in the 6th grade - and realized that my mom had found me a mentor (his name was Josh), and at that age a mentor was just what I needed. Someone that I connected with on a personal level (we shared a passion for sports - lacrosse!) but also a person that I could talk to and look up to for outside encouragement, inspiration, advice, and academic support. Josh inspired me to take charge of my academics and changed my entire perspective on education. We worked together to manage my time, set goals, and track my progress. Not to mention, having him on my side helped end many of the home battles that raged in regards to my homework, school assignments, and projects. Because of him, I was able to find balance and achieve my academic goals and so much more.  
The relationship that my family and I built with Josh, and the impact that Josh had on my academic achievement and overall self confidence, inspired me to create Trilogy Mentors. 

Of course, every student is unique… But we’re not talking about every student, we are talking about your child. Your child has distinct needs - especially when it come to learning, they have their own goals - although sometimes they need an extra push to pin point what those goals are, and they have aspirations - even though those hopes and dreams may seem a bit quirky and crazy sometimes. As a parent you support them in everything they do and we’re here to help you do that.

We understand just how busy life gets. Your student has responsibilities at home, commitments to sports and/or other extracurricular activities, and they try to keep up as best they can with their studies while maintaining a social life on top of it all. As a parent, you have the longest list of todos between work, home, and the kids. You’re the glue that holds everything together - so naturally, things get hectic with the family schedule. Finding, scheduling, and keeping up with in-person tutoring can be a challenge. Our online learning platform gives your student access to personalized academic support, on their terms, when your family needs it most. And that is anytime and anywhere that’s most convenient for you!

Our vision is to bring one-on-one, relationship-based academic support within reach for all students. We don’t hire tutors, we hire exceptional mentors with the skills to help your student achieve academic success. Homework, test prep, and studying doesn’t have to be a struggle for students or stressful for parents. We’re here to help you support your student (and end the homework wars) with online academic mentorship.

It is my promise to you, that where there's a will to learn, we’ll be there.


John Failla
Founder & CEO, Trilogy Mentors

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