Direct-to-Parent Pricing

Per session costs can vary based on the subject matter and the number of bundled sessions purchased. Sessions are 60 minutes in length and per session rates start at $55.
For general subjects, bundles of 4, 8, and 12 sessions are available.
For SAT/ACT prep, bundles of 12, 16, and 24 sessions are available.

Recurring sessions strengthen and build the mentoring relationship while continued practice and review has a significant impact on a student's growth and improvement.

*Discount packages are available for families that sign-up through one of our referral partners using that institution or organization’s referral code.

For our detailed price list, submit the form below.

You’ll receive the parents pricing sheet with no obligation to sign-up.

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When it comes to a service like tutoring and mentorship, it's often better to understand your needs with a conversation. Let's chat. We're here to help you find an academic support plan that works for your family's needs.
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